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India is a country with great biodiversity, and this is reflected in the Wildlife of India - in the flora and fauna of India. Many of the mammals, birds, reptiles, flowering plants and trees are unique to India. Forests are called Jungles in India, and the Indian Jungles have charmed many. Thus, Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book is set into the wilderness of the Wildlife of India. Probably, ancient Indians formed hamlets and small settlements in Jungles which grew to become villages and cities. Ancient Indian gurus and saints invariably lived in jungles with their disciples; Gautam Buddha, the proponent of the Buddhism, got enlightenment in a jungle around Gaya, in the Indian state of Bihar, and a couple of decades earlier to Buddha, Mahavira meditated in Parasnath Hills, another place near Bihar, now part of the Indian state of Jharkhand. Coming to nearer term in the time horizon, Mughals and British rulers used to frequent Indian Jungles for hunting. Sadly, this has a side effect, coupled reclaiming the forests for human settlements, as also over harnessing of forest resources. Thus, over the last one or two centuries, the forests in India have shrunk, which has negatively impacted the Wildlife in India.

Latest news about West Bengal(24 July 2008)

It lacks forest management blueprint.

Economic Times - 10 hours ago
KOLKATA: Amid reports of animal deaths and destruction caused by elephants in several West Bengal villages, wildlife activists on Tuesday said the government lacked a proper forest management blueprint to maintain the wildlife in the state.
Another elephant run over by train. (Times of India)
3 elephants die of poisoning. (Hindu)
Kolkata Newsline


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