Tourism in India is about experiencing an ancient land and the cultural heritage of its people and their culture. Tourism in India is about the resurgence of a nation attracting the attention of the world as one of the fastest growing economy, and watching this in action at innumerable locations. It is about a rich nation mired in poverty, and at the same time regions which almost compete in prosperity with developed countries. Once upon a time, just a century before, India conjured up a vision of lands of snake charmers [1], magicians and traditional gurus. However, it has always remained a preferred destination of trade and commerce, and a large portion of the Silk route passed from the north western borders of India through the magnificent heights of the glorious Himalayas. Currently, India is one of the preferred tourist destinations in Asia, and attract millions of international tourists who come to see and experience the cultural heritage of India. In recent years, India is attracting a large numbers of medical tourists, and tourists seeking spiritual solace in the Indian traditions.

Tourism in India
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