Telugu is the language spoken in the state of Andhra Pradesh in the south of India.

This language belongs to the central group of the 21 Dravidian languages. Telugu is derived mostly from the most ancient and classical language of India, the Sanskrit. However, its script is different. It uses brahmi script as Sanskrit uses devanagari. The language is mostly patronised by the Vijayanagara rulers even as it existed from times much earlier.

Telugu is called the Italian of the East because of the vowel endings of the words. As regards to grammar, it has the most evolved rules and is mostly based on the Sanskrit. Some say, Telugu is the toughest language in the world to learn, be it its script or grammar or its pronunciation, but it's easiest to those who have learnt it and it enables one to pronounce any other language in the world.

One unique aspect of Telugu is that it is the only language which patronises "avadhanam" technique. Here a scholar who is well versed in the process (avadhani) will be asked questions by a number of different people on subject matter from varied fields. He or she listens to all the questions and answers them in the same order.

  • The most famous is "ashtavadhanam", which gets its name from the eight people (pruchakulu) who ask the questions or also from the eight different literature and non literature based items.
  • Others are: "Samasya pooranam" where a crazy line or phrase is thrown to the avadhania and he has to embed it in a meaningful poem; "nishidhakshari" where as he starts a poem, he is asked not to use some particular letters and then has to search for synonyms and complete the poem.

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