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"Striking Similarity - "
Hello world,

I'm from India and I'm shocked by what has happened at Mumbai same as it happened in Madrid and in NY in recent past...

One striking thing that grabbed my attention... that no one else has thought of it till now.... In NY, it happened on 11/7 and in Mumbai, it has took place on 7/11 ! Is there any hidden message in this? Are there the same people behind the Mumbai attack as they were in NY attack? Are they trying to send us any message or make us all remember the 11/7 incident or their very brutality aganinst humanity and poor innocent people? At the end, I admit my heart truly breaks seeing all poor innocent people dying in such a manner in London, Madrid, NY and now in Mumbai... Does anyone knows when it will end OR more innocent people still have to wait for their turn to get killed brutally in this way?

Are all world leaders just concerned about keeping their economies on track? Is there no value of human soul and humanity truly? Who is going to end all this?