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Churchgate Station, Bombay, 07-15, Saturday

This was added to the page on 15 July 2006

From:"Anand" <>

dear everyone
many of us met yesterday at shramik at a meeting
called by nirbhay bano and discussed ideas of what we
could do after the tragic bombings. apart from relief
work our main concern is that communal forces do not
take advantage of the situation. the immediate action
plan is to have a condolence gathering outside the
east side of churchgate station tomorrow (saturday) at
4.30 pm. it will be silent. we will have banners that
say ""Ek hai hamare lahu ka rung, hamare aansu" and
"Begunahon ke kaatil na eeshwar ko pyare hain, na
allah ko"

do join, and spread the word.

best, anand
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