Maruthur Gopala Ramachandran Menon

Maruthur Gopala Ramachandran Menon (Tamil: மருதூர் கோபால இராமச்சந்திரன்) popularly known as MGR (Tamil: எம்.ஜி.ஆர்), or Puratchi Thalaivar Tamil:, a revolutionary Leader, is one of the recipients of Bharat Ratna.

This is the highest civilian award of India.


He was a leading actor in Tamil films and Chief Minister of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu from 1977 until his death.

Early life

He was born on January 17, 1917 and lived up to December 24, 1987. He was born in Hewaheta near Kandy, Sri Lanka, to Gopala Menon and Maruthur Satyabhama (Nairs traditionally are matrilineal, hence MGR shares his matrilineal family surname "Maruthur" ).

After his father's death, he could not pursue his studies beyond the primary stage due to poverty and joined a drama troupe called Original Boys.


Making his film debut in 1935, he acted in many films gaining his popularity.

Political career

MGR was a member of the Congress Party till 1953 and he used to wear kathar and wear vibhuti on his forehead. In 1953 MGR joined the DMK with the help of M. Karunanidhi.

Due to various reasons he joined AIADMK), the only powerful opponent of the DMK He became Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 1977, and remained in office till his death in 1987. It is to be noted that the AIADMK won every state assembly election as long as MGR was alive. He was the first film actor to be a Chief Minister in India. MGR got everything done by attracting women both in politics and in the cine field.

Chief Ministership

MGR placed great emphasis on social development, especially education. One of MGR's most successful policies was the re-introduction of the "Mid-day Meal Scheme" in the Government-run and aided schools in Tamil Nadu, which encouraged underprivileged children to attend schools.

He was the one who was selected as a Chief Minister for continuously 3 times

He founded the Tamil University, Dr. MGR Medical University and the Women's University in Tamil Nadu.

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