The Kingdom of Bhutan, also spelt as Bootan, is a land-locked country of South Asia. It shares its northern borders with the People's Republic of China and Tibet, and on the southern sides with India.


Bhu-Uttan (meaning high lands), a word of Sanskrit language, a language spoken in ancient India, aptly describes the topography of the terrain. It is located an elevation of 7,000 m and protected within the lap of the mighty Himalayas. On account of its location, the place has remained generally inaccessible for centuries, and holds an exotic charm of its own. Bhutan is spread over an area of around 47,000 km2.


It has a population of 672,425 (2005). The largest city is Thimphu, which is also the capital city, and the languages spoken are Dzongkha and English.

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